Route of the Broadway LION
Route of the Broadway Lion, The largest Subway Layout in North Dakota at Assumption Abbey, Richardton North Dakota
The first layout that I built here at the Abbey was called the Eastern Southwest North Dakota Central Railroad, (Serving the Middle of Nowhere) and was built in a basement room on two ping-pong tables. This was my first really serious effort at layout building, since when I was living with my parents, I was limited to a pair of bookshelf tops running the length of two basement walls. Here, I stretched out my wings and created this layout. As is obvious in the photo I was more interested in operation than in beautiful construction. All of the lumber is surplus stuff found in our carpentry shops or in our barn. The dispatcher's console could accommodate 5 trains at one time, but I never had more than two power packs connected to this layout. This layout took five years to build, and was taken apart in one month.
The Largest Subway Layout in North Dakota