Route of the Broadway LION
Route of the Broadway Lion, The largest Subway Layout in North Dakota at Assumption Abbey, Richardton North Dakota
The Largest Subway Layout in North Dakota
There are no ‘train transformers’ or DCC on this layout. The layout features analog automation (described under operations). There is no throttle, no reversing switch. This layout models the New York City Subway with normal operations. Trains do not move in reverse, the following train is only a few seconds behind it. Out on the railroad, the left rail is connected to ground, and the left rail is connected to this 10 amp regulated power supply. Positive voltage moves the train forward. The right rail is gapped and bridges with resistors to slow the train as it approaches or leaves the stations. A gap and a relay holds the train for 20-50 seconds and thenreleases the train to run to the next station, if the next station is open and can receive the train. In addition to train power, there is a pair of regulated power supplies that  provide + 12v dc and -12v dc for use by the GRS interlocking machine. Each Tortoise switch machine has only one connector between the plant and the turnout. Positive voltage holds the machine in the normal position, while megative voltage moves the switch (or signal) to its reversed position. There is an additional +16 v dc wall wart to provide power to the signal and control system. The panel on the left has pins for each terminal on each five Tortoise switch machines, plus track power fo the six tracks in the Coney Island station. The Switch controls from the GRS machine connect here to operate the Tortoise machines, which in turn control the power to the tracks, isolating tracks where trains are to be parked. This device makes wiring this segment of the railroad easy rather than having to work under the layout, or in some other remote location.