Route of the Broadway LION
Route of the Broadway Lion, The largest Subway Layout in North Dakota at Assumption Abbey, Richardton North Dakota
The Largest Subway Layout in North Dakota
This is the GRS Model-5 Interlocking Machine at the Court Street Station in Brooklyn New York. This station (and machine) are now part of the Transit Museum, even so, this is an active machine and needs to be manned when trains are moved in and out of the muesum.
This is my representation of a 36 lever GRS Machine. Since the Route of the Broadway LION is fully automated, these are the only controls on the layout.
Here I am showing the wooden lever that I built, and a real lever from a real GRS machine. I suppose I could have used the real lever as a model to mold in aluminum or plastic, but the LION is quite impatient (and cheap) and so went ahead to make the levers in wood.