Route of the Broadway LION
Route of the Broadway Lion, The largest Subway Layout in North Dakota at Assumption Abbey, Richardton North Dakota
The Largest Subway Layout in North Dakota
The layout deck is made of Celotex salfaged from the ceilings of rooms that have been renovated. I fouond 10 sheets of this material in the old gymnasium. It is lighter, easier to cut and more rigid than Homosote. It is aso no longer made since it does not comply with modern fire codes fro building construction. The tracks are nailed directly to this material without any cork or other roabed material. Most parts of the subway has not built up roadbed or ballast. In places where I do require ballast, I use cat litter at a much more resonable price that the product found in the hobby shop. I allow gravity to hold it in place. Subway trains run on electricity provided at 650 volts DC on a third rail. The third rail on the Route of the Broadway LION are simulated with ⅛” square strip wood painted brown on top to represent the portection board, and black on the sides to represent the shadow under the protection board. In the photo to the left, NYCT is experimenting with a new auminimum third rail with a hollow fiberglass protection board. Below is a section of NYCT track on an elevated structure. There is a lot of detail in a section of transit track.